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THE NABIS PROJECT or the consciousness of a star

(by Sonia De Braco – original idea from Adam CASTILLO)


The Milkway, planet Earth, year 2010 A.C. Somewhere on a lost island in the South Pacific Ocean. A dangerous era has installed on Earth.

Terror reigns because of the fanatics, on different places earthquakes, tsunamis, devastating fires, deluges of rain, cause thousands of casualties. Millions of people have lost their jobs. A menace is suspended above the Earth.

It is on this small island on which we both live that Adam asks me to write the Nabis’s story, inspired on his own idea. For himself, he has already composed the music that illustrates this epic.

“Our Earth is rebelling at the moment”, he tells me, “and is trying to get rid of the malevolent humans as well as of the malefic entities that are just now wandering in the invisible world and waiting to reincarnate in order to destroy us. You have to write this story, in order people will then be aware of the danger and they will know they can battle evil and win.”

“How do you know that ?” I ask him. “ And how could I write the story, since I know nothing about it ?”

“Listen to my music, “ Adam answered, “ and you will remember.”

I listened…I recognised the voices, the fantastic sounds of the Cosmos, and I remembered what we went throught thousands of years ago…

Chapter 1 : The disintegration of the Nabis Star

At the beginning of all times, when nothing existed in the Cosmos, the Gods of the Universe had the then immaterial souls who were living in the Universe make a choice: they could, according to the mission they had to accomplish, materialise instead of wandering eternally in the nothing. But, when in their solid flesh form, they could not try and attack, nor make prisoners, reduce to slavery or destroy other living creatures, as if they did so, they would then disobey their Creator laws and so be condemned for eternity, to wander in their immaterial form, or worse, to reincarnate under the form of an animal.

Ages and ages went on, and innumerable creatures disobeyed, in innumerable universes. They consequently were applied the Divine Punishment.

That Divine Order had been existing for millions of years, when Captain Aldebaran remembered he had to hurry up to get on time to his appointment with the Great Commander, at the QG of the Intergalactical Control Center. The Great Commander was extremely busy, and burdened with heavy responsablilities, since he acted directly under the command of one of the Creators of the innumerable universes that existed then.Billions of living creatures on billions of planets depended on his decisions. He anyway, was very respected, since he was straight and right, even if he was not always understood. Aldebaran felt in trouble, because it was seldom that a captain was asked to come and meet the Great Commander urgently. Usually the Great Commander was able to intervene in time enough to maintain the Divine order that was established for eternity in the Universe. So there was certainly a very important reason, something Aldebaran had to accomplish before he could himself accede to the title of Great Commander. But he never thought it could come so fast, so he programmed his sojourn inside the eternity container just when he returned from his last mission. He never imagined he would be especially convoked, since there were others spaceships captains able to accomplish the same sort of mission…Well, to come to the fact, what sort of mission this time? Aldebaran was late but he hurried and teleported himself to the center of Orion, where the Instructors of Humanity usually met. Luckily enough, his vessel was stopped somewhere on the perimeter of the constellation, so he could project himself to the Center because it was not too far and he didn’t need all his equipments there. And in a case he needed something, he could always guide his spaceship to him.

The Great Commander’s astral projection was already there when Aldebaran arrived, but the captain felt better when he saw the Chief was busy with the director of the center. He had to wait for a moment before a guard asked him to come.

The Great Commander who, was at that moment paying an official visit to the Andromeda Galaxy, considered Aldebaran in a friendly way. To the later, the mere fact the Chief Suprême had been able to spend with him only a quarter of an hour of his time was just exceptional. Aldebaran did’nt even know where exactly was the Great Commander. On which planet? or near which planet ? It was just a mystery, and he was really impatient to hear what he had to tell him.

“You were really successful on all your tests so far, Aldebaran, “ the Great Commander told him, “ and you have been able to win on very numerous difficult expeditions. Now you are an expert in the study and knowledge of all living souls, and this is why I decided to entrust you with this new mission. To accomplish it, you will have to use all your skills and talents, and never try to influence in the slightest way the creatures you will be confronted with. Do I make myself understood well?”

“Yes, Great Commander, “ Aldebaran answered.

“As you know , “ the Great Commander went on, “I am at the moment in the Andromeda Constellation, where the Lords Governors of numerous planets have asked me to come, in order to help them. Now, could you focus your Temporal Pictures Crystal Producer Ray on the Nabis star??”

Aldebaran obeyed and started to watch the planet as indicated. An then he saw something terrifying…A nightmare occurring just in front of his eyes.

A strange form of life, a gigantic star, was declining, and, conscious of the fact it was dying, had started to extract and materialise its remnants of vital energy, before it exploded into a fantastic supernova. But, althought the star itself was a benevolent one, the creatures coming out of it were just monsters. It was the same as a good mother giving birth to a serial killer…

This giant star, called Nabis, had a diameter of two million kilometres and was situated in the spiral galaxy of Andromeda, 2,8 billions light years away from the Earth. One thousand billions other suns, that men were able to see from the Earth when weather was nice, composed this galaxy, together with innumerable planets on which existed some forms of life so strange that no one could only imagine them.

“We know that the transformation of Planet Nabis will bring something awful,” the Great Commander then précised Aldebaran, “because the creatures coming from it, not knowing what they do, will challenge their Creator.We can’t prevent them from doing so, as all living creatures are free, we can only try and warn them they are going to their end. They will be very harmful to other living creatures, Aldebaran, and you were choosen to fight them,because this is inevitable. You will have to meet them, speak to their Chief, who will probably not listen to you, because he will be interested only in his survival and his companion’s.”

“Aldebaran was horrified and started: “But, Great Commander…”

At that moment the Great Commander Astral projection took a rapid glance at him, because he already knew what the captain was going to say.

“Yes, Aldebaran, this means you will have to follow these creatures anywhere they will want to go in the Cosmos, transform and materialise yourself into the very form of life existing on the planet they will have choosen, and fight them under this form. You will never be allowed to use the powers you have now, because these creature need to learn from the consequences of their actions. Also, you will have to take your parents with you on that expedition, because only them can give you the education you will need on this new world. You will have to start a new period of life, in another universe, where nothing of what you know exists and you will have to be born again.”

“Yes, Great Commander”, Aldebaran answered. This was one of the most difficult missions he had never been asked to do, and now he understood why the Great Commander had addressed especially to him. In the past, he was successful in similar expeditions, this is why he was choosen, but this one was really difficult and he felt at the same time proud and anxious. But he decided to accept anyway and to confront to the danger. He bowed respectuously in front of the Great Commander’s astral projection, which disappeared then, and Aldebaran, who found himself alone, focused again his Temporal Crystal in the direction of the doomed star.

While watching the star he thought of all the worlds he had visited so far, in so many galaxies…He knew that some planets were conscious and tried to communicate with the creatures who lived on their soils, that others were the refuge of malefic immaterial entities that existed but that no one could see, that others again could transform or had so strange characteristics that they defied all existing knowledge. The Universe was very strange, and one was very far away from knowing everything about it. Space and time were not the same according to the different places and spaceship captains like himself had to comply to very stricts orders they had to really obey to if they didn’t want to find themselves severely punished or even worse, be condemned to stay for an indefinite period of time on a primitive planet before the sanction was retired.

Aldebaran wondered where, on what strange world this new expedition would take him this time….

The conscious star Nabis, when it finally exploded, distributed its energy in the form of 45 immaterial creatures that found themselves in the Black Matter of the Universe. As they only aimed to survive, in this ultimate goal they could feel no pity, no remorse, no compassion, no love, no fear; they acted only because they wanted to rule and be the most powerful of all in the universe. But to realise all that, they had to reincarnate and materialise into a solid form as they could do nothing when in their immaterial form. The 45 Nabis, gifted with this collective consciousness and these extraordinary skills coming from their dead star, started then to explore their own galaxy, under their now immaterial form searching for means of subsistence.

Aldebaran was able to observe all this thanks to his Temporal Pictures Crystal Producer Ray that allowed him to travel in the space-time dimensions. This ray, that was contained inside a mega-titanium bracelet tied to his wrist, was activated on mental order and was one of the numerous techniques Aldebaran had to learn during his years of training. The same as for teleportation, and for his personal Psycho-Magnetism Activator, a tiny metal rectangle inserted under his skull. In a few thousand years, when he is gone throught all his tests , he will be able to get rid of these two material objects, but at the moment, he still needed them, especially in front of so dangerous enemies.

With regrets, Aldébaran also thought of his Spheres Music Capturer, something he probably would’nt be able to use when in his next expedition…This too, was something that took years for him before he was really skilled at it, and, if it was automatically installed inside all spaceships, it essentially depended on the creative skills of its user. When he had a little time between two missions, and was able to find a quiet place where he could stay for a few hours, Aldebaran activated the Capturer that was on his other wrist and listened to all the sounds coming from the space, and mentally transformed them into music. His fingers were then drawing shapes in the air, organising the waves coming from all parts of the Cosmos and transforming them into music that exploded into colours on the spaceship panoramic screen.

The captain had in the end become famous for his music creations, that were used, listened to and reproduced by numerous inhabitants of the different galaxies… But when would he find enough time to compose now, with that new mission he had to accomplish, he didn’t know, since at the moment he had to study the thick holograms file of temporal pictures that were accumulating in front of him.

The Nabis were now considered as maleficent demons by the inhabitants of the other worlds of Andromeda that were in the same region as the former Nabis star. But then all governments of all nations around came along together against the 45 creatures coming from the deceased star, who were condemned to stay in the Dark Matter and thrown out of their Galaxy. There were in fact, in the core of the gigantic Andromeda spiral galaxy, several planetary systems that were accomplishing their revolutions around others stars similar to Nabis, and before the danger of a possible alliance between the 45 Nabis and another world hosting evil creatures of the same kind, The High Commanding Intergalactical Headquarters, lead by the Great Commander, decided to act. It was ordered that the Nabis were immediately condemned to wander about in space, outside their own galaxy, until they found a new stellar object on which they could establish. And, when on this new world, they were to act only good. In no way they could seek for any alliance in order to attack or destroy other living creatures in the aim of obtaining power or riches. No one was authorised to help them, unless they wanted to be projected into the Dark Matter with no hope to ever come back. The rebels were given the usual period of time authorized by the Divine Law:5390 terrestrial, or Earthly years, that is,539 cosmic years, in order for them to decide between good or evil. At that moment, Aldebaran considered the strange symbols that had just transmitted to him by the Sages of the Great Council, and that they called “figures” and “numbers.” To accomplish his mission, he had to know and understand them, which was not easy as nothing in his world, nor in his formation, had anything common to them. It was like a very old writing, something vaguely familiar to him, yet impossible to understand. Aldebaran was of human origins for sure, but he wasn’t born on the Earth, a small planet on the edge of the Milky Way, a galaxy he didn’t know and where he knew he would have to go. He was born in another part of the Cosmos, in a galaxy he had gone away from a long time ago, about 179 light years away from our Milky Way, on a planet similar to the Earth but containing less metal, and that was 13 billions years old anyway. On it lived all sorts of different entities, who allowed humanoïd creatures like him to improve rapidly. Some of these entities were immaterials and consequently could travel through the Cosmos and observe all the other worlds.

It was that way Adebaran learnt , like all other children of his planet, that existed somewhere in another galaxy some creatures very similar to themselves, but who were still living in a very primitive manner, just because this was their destiny. They were rebels, and they had to reincarnate on this telluric planet because this was necessary for their evolution. The Earth was a planet that contained a lot of metal, and Aldebaran knew what it means for its native people as well as for those who would want to come and live on it: wars, violence, blood, catastrophes of all sorts due to the starts of this instable planet. The Earth was a conscious planet, but it had not an easy temper, it could show itself quiet and suddenly explode into anger and massively destroy the creatures living on its surface. Any creature living on its soil was condemned to count, to use figures, because its inhabitants were limited and forced into an immuable evolution. But the 45 Nabis ignoring that and rebellious to the laws of the Universe, organised themselves into an army of ghost- this is what they were looking like for those who could see them- and headed toward to nearest galaxy to theirs: the Milky Way. They had no choice and were forced to run away, since they had decided to disobey, having not understood that no one, even the most powerful creature, coming from the most gigantic star, could defy her Creator.

The Eternal had, from the very start, decided their number would be limited to 45. Five plus four giving nine as a result, all calculation systems existing from all eternity were to be based on the 1 to 9 series, and this in itself, indicated the limitation of all living creatures. Any one of them that tried and attempted to overcome this limitation had to go back to its Creator. All other numbers existing in the Infinite being only multiples of the series 1 to 9, each figure having a positive and a negative side, the way was all indicated for each creature, but very few of them were able to follow it and understand the message, they went on the negative side in the ignorance of what they were doing. The rebels were also unable to see the warning dissimulated in the number 539, which represented the period of time given by the creator to all living creatures for them to meditate between two reincarnations: after the theosophic reduction, or horizontal adding, there came number 17, representing the Good and the return to the original star, but then after a second addition came the single number 8, representing the material world and the desire for power and destroying, and thus representing its own destruction. They could see only shadows and were unable to understand figures and their worldly results.

For himself Aldebaran had in the end understood that this figures represented those immaterial wandering figures that were waiting in the Cosmos for the very moment they could reincarnate again. And he knew that the number 13 corresponded to Nabis Conqueror and to Destruction.

For that, he had asked his mother Alda, who was at the moment somewhere on Alpha de Ceti. Alda was a renowned spatio- temporal cryptograph, she could decipher and read thousands of codes and ancient types of writings, and was able to speak hundred of different languages herself.

“Aldebaran”, told him his mother’s astral projection, “these symbols are specific to the calculation system one can find on planets that have remained rather primitives , which inhabitants need to evoluate. This is what they use in order to calculate and at the same time what maintains them prisoners in their material world. On the other hand, the drawings that illustrate the figures are there to guide them, indicate them the way, the danger, and that is the simplest way one found to try and wake up their consciousness, but most often they do not understand. They attire malefic entities to them because of course, this sort of planet makes it easy for those maleficent creatures to reduce the inhabitants to slavery. At the same time, they do not obey to the good entities that are also present, even if they are immaterial. They consequently waste a lot of their time, and do a lot of harm. To conclude, they also bear in their hands signs that indicate them the way, but they are unable to interpret them. Only very few of them know about that science. Are you sure you have to accept that mission?”

As usual, Aldebaran’s mother was worrying for him, but he reassured her when he said he didn’t think that new expedition would take a very long time, and also that he would have soon some new music creations for her to listen to. Alda really loved her son’s fantastic cosmic music creations and this was the exact thing to tell her for her to be happy.

Alda had travelled a lot in the Cosmos and had a great experience of the different worlds and the creatures living on them. She had become very suspicious. It was not that she particularly feared a place like the Earth, as many other places were much more dangerous, but she considered her son wasted his time with that sort of mission. There were so many other regions in the universes, were much more advanced entities and creatures lived…

Hadn’t the Earth, at the beginning of its story, be inhabited by horrible gigantic animals, called “dinosaurs”, that dominated all other forms of life for millions of years? But she also knew he had no option, and the experiences he lived now would be useful to him in the future.

5390 Earthly years, that is, 539 cosmic years went on so, and in this period of time happened the explosion of the Nabis star, from which the 45 monsters were ejected, and the decision was taken to chase them away from the Andromeda galaxy, because time is not passing the same way everywhere in the Universe. God, the Supreme Master of the Universe, decided so and established the unsurmountable barrier of Time, in order that no creature could overcome the law: The Cosmic time was infinite, while the terrestrial time was passing rapidly. And, everywhere in the universe, on all planets and all worlds, time is different… This is how the Creator established the Clock of Time, and the parallel universes, where the different lives of all creatures were to take place. But they didn’t know about that. Most of the living souls thought, in fact, that there was the past, the present time, and the future; and that we were always going toward the future without any possibility to go back in time. But the Creator controlled everything and could see all events of the past, the present and the future happening at the same moment, because everything existed on the same infinite moment…

After about a 250 cosmic years period of time, that is, 2500 Earthly years, Nabis Conqueror, the Chief of Rebels, was convoked before Aldebaran and its counsellors, at the High Inter-Galactical Command Central Headquarters. He was given by the Great Doing so Aldebaran executed the orders he was given by the Great Commander.

Aldebaran knew that when the Nabis were projected into the Dark Matter, they didn’t exist any more at that moment, because the Eternal didn’t like the future they wanted, and he also knew that already existed the one who would take them back to the nothing and have the Divine Law applied.

He knew because he was among the souls of elite who, since the beginning, had decided to obey the Creator. This gave him the power to see the past, the present and the future, and to scrutinize the souls.

“What do you intend to do, Nabis Conqueror,” he asked the chief of the Nabis, “when you find a world at your convenience?”

“ We just want to survive and expand”, answered the hideous creature, “we have no feelings, and the final results will justify the means we employ.”

“ But doing so you rebel against our Creator”, answered the Commander.

“Consequently you will suffer exactly the same punishment as the one you will impose upon them. The law is eternal and unchanging, wherever you go and whatever is your power, and it is the same for all those who follow you. Do you understand that?”

“What law?” asked the full of hatred demon who was before Aldébaran. “ And where is that Omnicient Creator you are talking about? No one has ever seen Him. And who are you yourself to dare and defy me?”

“You just don’t exist, Nabis Conqueror,” answered Aldébaran, “you will never be able to have any physical form in this galaxy, because the Divine law decided so. We can help you find another means of subsistence, provided you never attempts to destroy any other form of life.Otherwise, your life will be ephemeral.”

“ I am not impressed” , snapped back the hideous creature, “and when I regain my powers, I come back here and take your place. We ‘ll see then which one of us is the most ephemeral.”

But, while the monster was uttering these words, Aldebaran could not prevent himself from shuddering with fear. Was it possible that Nabis Conqueror power could overcome that of The Omniscient Creator?

Nabis Conqueror hesitated for a short while, then disappeared from the Great Council room, together with the 44 other creatures who accompanied him. They still could appear and disappear at will, but only in the Black Matter. And they went on searching for a new world. Their search lasted again for 2500 other Earthly years, that is, 250 Cosmic years.

But at that very moment , somewhere light years aways, very far in another galaxy, on a small planet lighted by a small sun, was born a child who was to become their enemy: the one who exists just now, and who asked me to write this story…

Aldebaran, in his Earthly form, was already waiting for Nabis Conqueror…

Chapter 2 : Arrival of the Nabis on Planet Earth

On Planet Earth, situated on the edge of the Milky Way, it is the Middle-Ages. Men possess no technology except for metal armours, swords, and drawbridges. They live in poor wooden, mud or daub houses, because stones are used exclusively to build monasteries or castles. They go horse-riding, or use carriages pulled by oxes or horses. They use their fingers to eat with; and, if some among the richest lords wear silk and velvet clothes, they anyway don’t know about much hygiene and inundate themselves with perfumes in order to conceal bad smells. People in the cities are very poor, and many of them starve, while in the castles, wealthy feudal lords and their followings eat and drink to the point of being sick because of too much food and wine.

But, in year 1347 of our era, the world succumbs to a terrible malediction: the bubonic plague, called the Black Death , that starts then coming from Central Asia to invade little by little all Europe. Famine that reigns in numerous regions facilitates the expansion of the epidemic. Men who live in those times do not have the necessary medical knowledge to be able to eradicate the illness. They are afraid of God and the Devil, and believe to the witches.

Knowing nothing, the ignoring men think the Apocalypse has come and organise religious processions in the hope of chasing demons. Or they persecute Gipsies and Jews, and kill cats.

They believe these poor animals are “devilish” because of they fluorescent eyes in the dark, and imagine the “strangers” are responsable, because of their witchcraft and alliance with the Devil, of the terrible illness that has started to decimate humans. However, no one of these actions brings the slightest result, and nobody is spared, be him rich or poor. Men pay for their ignorance, their lazyness, their filthiness, and their cruelty, because such are the defects of most of them in those times.

But another malediction is approaching, something History did not remember, no one having ever been able to explain such an horror. Exept on an allegoric or artistic way. It was easier to bear that way, one could imagine it was only tales or old stories dating back to time immemorial. Strange pictures, in the form of leaded glass windows, illuminated designs, or paintings, which nobody considered of much importance, have reached to our times. Representations of Death, with a hooded squeleton holding a scythe and walking over piles of corpses. Yet the Nabis Project, which was consisting in the destruction of humanity by extra-terrestrial forces, was started in those deadly times, but was mixed up with plague and disappeared at the same time with it. The creatures that were at the origin of it were so hideous that they seemed just impossible to those who saw them as well as to those to whom they were described. Existing only like energy, in the Dark Matter of the Universe, the Nabis have exactly the same components as it: they are made of only 1% of visible matter, which means that they are so thin that no one is able to see them… Except when it is twilight, when the day is transforming into night. Thanks to their knowledge, they used the cosmic corridors of the Universe to come to our Milky Way, avoiding the the anti-matter particles because the slightest collision with them could send them back to nothing. They have come to the Earth and stayed 400 km above our planet, in order to avoid its magnetic shield and observe it and its inhabitants. The Nabis wait for the moment they will be able to go through, probably by one of the terrestrial poles, were the particles are not so numerous. Their project is well decided: reduce the Earth inhabitants to slavery and destroy them, in order to install their own civilisation on the Earth. In this aim, the Nabis , who are able to transform themselves into anything they want, have decided to appear to the humans in the form of horrible hooded squeletons armed with a long scythe. They know that humans are terribly afraid of death and this is a vision that will terrify them. However, and this is a consequence of the Divine punishment, they do not have a capacity to learn new languages. They have been able to remember only one specific expression, “never mind”…Because for them, life as we know it has not the slightest importance; themselves are already dead, because in the Dark Matter, which is where the ghosts and the dead are, and where are also all the doomed wandering souls who are waiting to reincarnate in order to continue their destructive plans.

The Nabis also have a destruction plan, which will bring them to their end, but they still ignore it and are certain they will be successful.

We have now come to year 1348 on Earth. Thirty years before, in 1318, in a small village in France was born a child different from all others. His father, who is a woodcutter, and his mother, who is a lacemaker, are humble people but they taught him honesty and courage. There are very few schools in those times, and few among the peasants are willing to have their children educated, but Jean himself will go to school and learn to read, write and calculate. In those times it is above all religious people, the priests and sisters who live in monasteries , who teach the children. So the peasants who want their children to be educated send them to monasteries, where they are given instruction and security in exchange with small tasks to accomplish inside the monastery. Some of the children decide sometimes to stay at the monastery and become religious people themselves, others go back to their villages and become tradespeople, since they have learnt how to calculate and use their knowledge. Aldebaran is among them. He is strong and will later become a blacksmith. His mother is also able to read and write, since she also was sent to a monastery when she was a child, and there she also learnt the art of lacemaking. When she reincarnates again next time, she will also be able to read palms, because of what happened then: one day, when her son was ten, a Gipsy passing by the village looked at the child’s hand and predicted that “he would not live for a very long time, but he would deliver the world from death and malediction.” His mother decided then to secretly studied and know about that strange science that allows to see the future…The parents are saddened and frightened by the Bohemian’s prediction, but the child grows up strong and healthy; he learns about woodcutting, looks after his parents, and little by little the terrible prediction is forgotten.

He comes so to the age of 30….

Aldebaran has taken a human form, and has started the second part of his mission, as he was ordered centuries ago by the Great Commander. And, at that moment, horror has just hit the Earth…

The Black Death, that started one year before in 1347 in Europe, has just reached Venise, after having ravaged Messine, Gênes and Marseille. It expands like a wave, and reaches all Meridional Europe, from Geece to the South of England. France and Italia are attained and loose the half of their inhabitants. The Nabis are now on Earth and have started to apply their survival project. They discovered that on this planet, the only solution for them was to absorb blood if they wanted to regenerate faster into a solid form, and so they rushed on all living creatures they saw. At the start, it was animals, like cows, horses, sheep, but later they realised that human blood was bringing them faster and better results. But they didn’t think of the plague, as they thought they were invulnerable and able to cure themselves from anything. So they decided to absorb all the blood they needed. But they had very little time left, as the ravages of plague lasted only for six to nine months. They thought when they have recovered enough power, they will materialise into a star again, after they conducted their revenge on Aldebaran.

The Nabis, knowing the Cosmos law, know in fact that if they are not rapidly successful on this planet, they will be thrown back to the nothing and condemned this time to wander about for ages and ages in order to be forgiven their faults. And this is exactly what they do not want, because they are too interested in the riches and goods the material world can offer them, even if they must get them by killing any other live. The monsters have been unable to understand that doing so, they imitate men and so become themselves prisoners of the matter.

They headed in the direction of this telluric and instable planet, because, as Alda had told his son , the Earth was the sort of place where met unperfect men and evil entities who needed to be put to the test in order to improve…

There had been so many dead already-25 millions in Europe, not to Mention Asia of which the number of victims is not known-that some among men think their civilisation is going to disappear. Only a few of them, choosen by Providence, will survive in order to perpetrate the Creation. So, they decided to leave behind an evidence of their time , but, being in a hurry, Choose to draw symbols that will the best represent their epoch. So some artists start drawing, first in Italia because this country has already lost half of its inhabitants, and one don’t know how many will survive; then in France, each one of them representing what he knows best. One draws the Devil, the other one the Pope…Another one draws a Horseman, leading a cart and horses, while another artist represents the King. At the same time appear the Magician, the Monk, the Moon, the Sun, the Star, the World…Little by little, men realise that way 22 drawings that represent the different stages of human destiny. They understood that two worlds exist at the same time: the visible one, that they represented with a single number, and the invisible one,that they reporesented with a compound number, where they go back after their death. They manage to hide their pictures in secret, secure places, inside safes they bring to monasteries where they will be hidden, protected against fire, water or any sort of destruction. These strange Middle-Age drawings remained so for more than three centuries inside stone fortresses after the Black Death epidemic had stopped. Then on the 17e century, around year 1650, an unknown man who was choosen in the Invisible and whose name was Jean Noblet reassembled all the drawings. In the meanwhile, men had turned them into a mean of divination they called “Tarot de Marseille”, and had attributed a number to each one of these strange drawings, that they called “arcanes”, because each one of them had several significances. The single number representing the physical and material side of life, and the compound number the immaterial world, the occult influences that guided human destinies.

The entities wandering about in the Cosmos, and floating above the Earth in order to influence men’s destiny, indicated that way that their presence in the invisible world, but few among men were able to understand it and so, few were able to control their destinies.

This is how one of the most terrifying symbols, that was drawn by Jean de Venette, that is Aldebaran, just before he died and just before his encounter with the chief of the Nabis, came to us under the name “l’arcane sans nom” or “Death”, and was attributed number 13 representing Fatality or Death….

Chapter 3 : Jean de Venette

However, in France, Jean de Venette, the robust blacksmith and farrier, now thirty years old, understands all these deaths are not only due to the epidemic of plague. He is very intelligent and thanks to his parents has learned to observe. He notices that some people are ill only for two or three days, then they die, while their bodies look almost sound. Others are very sound, but their aspect is very strange: they look like they were emptied from all their blood. The same as for the numerous corpses of animals that are seen almost everywhere in the campaigns….And many of the dead have a terrified grin on their face. Jean de Venette also sees that many of them show a terrible wound , on the side or on the head, “ as if provoked by the llama of an oax.”

Jean de Venette presents himself like an exception in his times: first, he cooks and roasts his meat, and if he weren’t a strong blacksmith, of whom others peasants were afraid of the force and the fits, they would laugh to this habit , since themselves were used to eat their meat almost raw, or gamy and just quikly passed over a flame. He burns the cores of cabbages he eats, and all his rubbish, that he reduces into ashes, instead of having that left to the flies, worms and rats. In the end, he combs his hair, cuts his beard and often bathes in the river. One do not trust Jean de Venette, who does not look like people of his time: he is tall, at least one meter and eighty centimetres, while most of men are most often one meter an sixty centimetres only, and often less; his teeth are not decayed, there is no smell about him, and his hair is not crawling with vermin. Where does he come from, why is he so different from other humans? Jean is also able to play the oboe, and he made himself a double-flute from which he obtains strange and harmonious sounds the others listen to in awe when he plays it. Where from are all his gifts coming? He can even play the harp, while he never learnt, and for that King Charles IV le Bel asked him to the Court for him to divert the lords and noble ladies.One envies him, and some think he allied with the Devil, to be so clever. But no one dares to affront him, even together with others in a groupe, because of his terrible strength. Jean de Venette, who is the Earthy incarnation of Aldebaran, knows his must act under this form at that moment in order to fight the dark forces.He also knows he possesses no one of his ancient powers and that he will have to manage without them. The Chief of the Nabis understood that Jean de Venette is a danger to himself and his following, as he will see them sooner or later, but the worse of all is Nabis Conqueror knows that Jean de Venette does’t fear them….

Jean de Venette heard the people dying from the plague, saying “I saw the Death, with its axe, it killed me, it is among us…” and he understood that all these poor people have seen something , one or several creatures looking so horrible they died because of that vision.

And in fact, it is fear that allows the Nabis to reach men: the later, when they see the Nabis, imagine these horrible squeletons will hit and kill them with their axes ..And this is what happens: fear is for the monsters a “cosmic passage”, that allows them to hit with their immaterial axes. The reality is that men create themselves their wounds…Then the Nabis just have to absorb their blood…

But the have no much time left.The more their bodies regenerate, and the more they become ill with the plague, as after one Earthy year they have still not understood that the poisoned blood they absorb will in the end kill themselves. In spite of all their knowledge, they find themselves on another world, where no matter nor atmosphere are the same as those that existed in the Andromeda Galaxy where they come from. And in this new world, they do not at all have the same powers…

The Nabis have another problem: They don’t know who they are. They are 45, but no one of them has a name, they are just the mass consciousness of their dead star. They identify to their Chief, and their Chief indentify to them. They do not resent emotions, as they chose to disobey the Divine Law; they have a Chief, but he is himself a prisoner of the group mass consciousness. They however would just have to abid the law for each one of them gain his own consciousness and be saved. But they can’t renounce their project, as they believe they are coming near to their ultimate aim: their own survival, at all costs.

In the meanwhile, on Earth, Jean de Venette goes from a village to another, trying to recruit an army of courageous men to fight the monsters coming from the dead star Nabis.

“My friends”, he says each time to the assembly of villagers, come with me, take your hayforks, your axes, your pikes, all the arms you can, we must kill those monsters who want to destroy us.”

But everywhere men are terrified, and tired, they answer: “ We already die from plague, many of us have disappeared, how do you want us to fight these monsters coming from Hell?”

“ As for the plague” , Jean de Venette answers them, “ we can fight it, I already showed you how: you must burn your rubbish, kill the rats that run everywhere in the village. You must not persecute Jews or Gipsies, nor kill cats , but exterminate rats, because they eat your food and bring you the Black Death. You must allow cats to catch and kill them. And for the monsters, who rely on our feebleness, if we are numerous enough we can get rid of them. They must go back to Hell or to the nothing….”

The Nabis are almost completely regenerated, and almost in a solid form, but they are already ill with the plague, when Jean de Venette spots them and decides, together with the six courageous men who accompany him, to attack them in order to deliver humanity from these monsters. There have already been 25 million deads in a two years time only, and these seven men, the only able to bear the sight of the Nabis- understood that these monsters are going to kill again, that there will be millions of victims again, as they kill faster then the plague. But neither the men or the Nabis are conscious of the fact this difficult era is coming to its end and it will soon be over. The Creator decided so… The influence of number 9,which means the end of a cycle, is already active.

Chapter 4 : The last battle and the end of the Nabis

The battle between the army of 45 Nabis and the six men who are accompanying Jean de Venette finally happens one evening of September 1348, near a small village in France, where 649 people have just been buried. At the beginning there were 1500 inhabitants…Among the 649 dead, 500 were marked with the specific wound caused by the Nabis, when they hit with their axes, while 149 only died from the plague.

This very evening Jean de Venette has an intuition, and walks out of the village , to grottoes that are around. He comes inside one of them, using a torch to light the place, and in the end finds himself in front of the Nabis Chief, an horrible creature more than two meters tall, whose grinning skull terrorised men so much. But Jean de Venette is not willing to let himself being dominated with fear and defies the monster who accepts the battle and says: “You’re going to die..I’ll kill you myself!”

The confrontation is imminent, but Jean de Venette , alias Aldebaran, feeling he comes near to his end, takes the time to rush to his village and draw the portrait of the Nabis Chief. He gives it to one of his companions who will put it in a secure place. So in the future the World will know what were looking like the monsters who wanted to destroy humanity.

When he is back to the grotto, Jean de Venette confronts the Nabis chief and tells him:”Come out, Nabis Conqueror, and accomplish that you defied me before.But remember that if you kill me, you and your companions will die too.”

The monster, furious when hearing again the voice of an adversary he thought he had got rid of, goes out of the grotto and recognises then the one he defied 539 years before…

“ Aldebaran!” he exclaims, “so, you followed me so far as here? Well, all the better then, I’ll be able to get rid of you faster!”

“But you are already dead, Nabis Conqueror”, answered Aldebaran, “don’t you remember? I told you: you will dye the same way the humans you wanted to destroy; you have been able to regenerate, but you have the same illness, the plague which killed tem. You were not given the power to cure it, because you have come here only to bring death..”

Nabis Conqueror, with a terrible roar, rushes to his enemy…

Jean de Venette and his six courageous companions die in the battle, because the Nabis are now completely regenerated and their scythes too. Their Chief defies Jean de Venette who fights to the end but can’t, in spite of his strength and his courage, kill his enemy who cuts his head off with his scythe. However, at the last second before the scythe hits on him, Jean de Venette sees a tear drop running down the monster’s face. He understands at a glance that Nabis Conqueror realised who he is and all the consequences of his acts, but it is too late to obtain the Divine pardon. The punishment comes: and they all die from the plague, suffering terribly, a few days after Jean de Venette and his companions.

Soon after the Black Death disappears from Earth..When they die the Nabis say “never mind..” because nothing is of any importance to them, they don’t care about life our death, they are monsters, but humanity is delivered from them for ever, as they are now condemned to wander for eternity in the Dark Matter.

An indefinite period of time passes on, about 7000 Earth years that is 700 cosmic years…And during this period of time men arrive little by little to our epoch. Aldebaran is not dead, for Jean de Venette was only one of his projections, who went back to Orion in his spaceship after the battle. The Great Commander prediction has accomplished, and Nabis Conqueror is condemned to wander about again in the Dark Matter with his companions. And so they wandered about, miserable, rejected by everybody and unable to find another planet to establish on, until the Great Commander, who saw Nabis Conqueror remorses, decided to grant him mercy and to give Commander Aldebaran a last mission on Earth.

During this period of time, men improved, and entered into the “century of the Light”, during which men human and artistic knowledge expanded everywhere in Europe. There were several Kings, then a Revolution, then an Empire, and a Republic… They came then to the 19e, the 20e, and the XXIe centuries. The Earth was profoundly changed thanks to the new technologies, but however, men needed a long time again before they came to the same level of knowledge as the Instructors of Humanity….

Aldebaran and the Great Commander meet again in the High Intergalactical Command Central Headquarters.

“You were successful on the greatest part of you mission, Aldebaran,” said the Great Commander, “congratulations. You showed the greatest courage, and determination You followed all my instructions, and now, here you are. But, as you know, it is not all over. You must go back to Earth in order to accomplish the last part of your work.”

“Yes, Great Commander”, answered Aldebaran. He guessed what would come next, and didn’t feel very comfortable when he heard the Chief Supreme say : “ Show Nabis Conqueror and his followings in.”

Flanked by the Central Headquarters guards, Nabis Conqueror and the 44 Nabis came inside the Intergalactical Command Center.

But, if they always look the same, like hideous squeletons armed with a scythe, their behaviour is quite different. They are serious, attentive, disciplined… They bow with respect to Commander Aldebaran, but Nabis Conqueror kneels down in front of the Great Commander.

“Rise, Nabis Conqueror” the Great Comander tells him. “ You know, henceforth, how great is our Creator power, and what it costs to disobey His laws, and this even if we are not allowed to see him.”

“Yes, Great Commander, “ answers humbly the monster.

“ You know, from now, who you are, and what you look like,” adds severely the Great Commander. “ Are you willing to stay so for eternity?”

“No, Great Commander”, answer the 45 Nabis all together.

“Well, says the Great Commander, “in that case, you also know that you have to go back to Planet Earth, in order to repair all the harm you have done, and in order to help Commander Aldebaran here on the last part of his mission. You will be allowed then to reincarnate under another form, and not look like monsters any more, and to establish yourself on a planet you have choosen in order to do good. Time has come and it seems to me it is the right moment now. Are you ready to go?”

Nabis Conqueror and his companions agree, and they follow Aldebaran out of the Center, after they kneeled again before the Great Commander.

Chapter 5 : Life Eternal or the Heroe comeback

At that moment, on the Earth, men have come to year 2011 A.C, on the 21rst century of their era. There is nothing that remains from Jean de Venette times, and plague was eradicated from most of the countries in the world. There just remain texts that are telling about that horrible epoch, in History books, or on the computers screens. There also are cards, illustrated with strange drawings no one understands really, but that fortune tellers use to predict the future.

However a man, who is 33 years old, remembers about the Nabis story, even if he doens’nt know exactly from where and when these “souvenirs” come to him. He knows he has a sort of “mission” to accomplish, because his most “poignant” souvenir is the one of the tear coming down the face of The Chief of the Nabis. Somewhere in the invisible, someone, “something”, told him to pay homage, in a certain way, to the monster who is responsible for so many deaths, because he showed remorse before he disappeared. So someone has to recognise this remorse, for one day, sometime in eternity, the Chief Supreme allows this creature to come back and be given another chance.

Jean de Venette has also to come back, to be rewarded for his courage, and, this time, be allowed to live longer than 30 earthly years instead of dying prematurely in a fight. In year 2011 of the earthly era, the hero has something else to accomplish, but what is his mission?

The 33 year old man, the human who always knew he was coming from elsewhere, but was unable to fully remember, sights and sets to his work again. For two earthly years he has been working, composing non stop a strange, fantastic music that seems to him coming from another universe, an unknown star maybe… In his imagination he “sees” other planets, other suns, other galaxies. It seems to him that he existed, under another form, thousands of years ago. He gives his music “The Nabis Project”, as a title, because it comes to him quite naturally, together with the story that accompanies it. A strange expression, “never mind”, that is pronounced by a strange monstruous sort of voice, constantly resonates inside his head.

The man works alone with his computer. He doesn’t need anybody: it seems he’s been always carrying this music inside himself. He doesn’t know where his talents come from, because he also is able to draw to perfection. He can observe, reproduce what he sees, make things with his hands, as if he were born with these capacities. It is the last projection of Aldebaran, who came to the Middle ages under the name Jean de Venette, and who is now back to our times, because he has another mission to accomplish…He must finish what he started ages ago, in the Cosmos, and centuries ago on Earth, when he came at the same time as the plague epidemic. And to be able to realise that, he reincarnated very far away, on a small island, in a place were not even one souvenir of these terrible times exist.

The man’s name is Adam in this Earthly life. His parents are humble, but both of them are also gifted with creative talents that they transmitted to him.

I took a look at Adam’s palms, and I know that the Middle ages curse doesn’t exist any more in this incarnation, since Adam has a gigantic task to accomplish, and now, he has a lot of time, because it is not a deadly one but one for life .

Adam will be thirty three years old in a two Earthly months time, and he knows he must have finished to compose the music illustrating the Nabis story before that date. Now, he remembers everything, because he has come to the end of his mission. But his mission is also to have the world know about this story, because later, he will probably meet the Chief of the Nabis again, he knows that too. Adam continues his work, alone, like he did for his last fight in year 1348, but this time, he must not die. He must finish this mission, imagine, compose, draw the picture that will ornate his future CD,”The Nabis Project”..But what picture? That one with the horrible squeleton holding his scythe, of course… Adam takes the very first CD he produced himself, years ago. It was something else, quite a different type of music..On the cover, his glance is reproduced, dark, disquieting, as if facing a terrible challenge. Adam had this idea, then: use his own glance to ornate his CD cover and he didn’t know exactly why…

He examines the picture, and turns back to the mirror in his room: his eyes…are Jean de Venette/ Aldebaran eyes. He understands all of a sudden. Now, he knows who he is…

“ The Nabis Project”, the music, inspired by the celestial spheres, was entirely composed when Adam was thirty three years old, as the Great Commander had ordered at the beginning of times. We have come to year 2010 of our era. Adam is 32 years old as he was born on year 1978 of our era. This is why he asked me to write this story, for you to know about it. I examine the very old cards in front of me, that are representing eternity: a cycle finishes, another one starts, but always the same trials come back, and who is now trying to invade the Earth? There are other monsters in the invisible, who use other weapons, other illnesses than the middle-ages plague.. They can provoke catastrophes that seem “natural.” But the Earth won’t be destroyed. Adam/Jean de Venette/ Aldebaran was successful in his mission and allowed, with his music, Nabis Conqueror to come back to Earth , this time to help him to battle other demons who have come to destroy our world. So decided the Great Commander, who obeyed the Divine law and his Creator…

The Earth is saved, and will soon enter a new era of prosperity. Men will soon see the end of catastrophes, illnesses and sadness. I hope I will be given another opportunity, in a few centuries, to write a new story again.

I am Alda , and I have come to Earth in 2011 to write the Nabis story for you, as Adam/Aldebaran asked me to do thousands of years ago.

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